We are a unique company.

We started patheleven towards the end of 2011 when all of us were skeptic about where our industry was going. The game of outbidding and outsourcing was creating bad products and replacing good craftsmanship.

Earlier that year, a couple of us came back to Spain from the US and the UK. We knew we had to do something about our disappointment. We had to build something to fix this industry. We had to be the change we wanted to see in the world.

On 11/11/11 we signed our declaration of principles. And since then, we haven't backed down.

This is why we offer development, training and business coaching. We can't just be programmers anymore. To change our craft, we need to understand the whole.

web development

We build applications that live on the web and adapt to every device. See how we can build products for you.

ux and ui

We are trainers. We love teaching and sharing our knowledge. Browse our training courses.


We are advisors. We care about you and your team. Checkout our coaching sessions.

Meet Enrique

#<struct Member name="Enrique", description="\n                 Enrique has been crafting software for businesses since 1995 \n                 and has worked all over the world, building systems and leading\n                 teams in industries like artificial intelligence, gaming,\n                 insurance, telecoms, trading and the web.\n                 ">

Featured work

#<struct PortfolioItem name="lyagushka", description="\n                         James Bourke, co founder and Managing Director\n                         of Lyagushka, approached us to help them clean\n                         up their exotic trading platform, proton.\n                         ">

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Send us an email info@path11.com and we will get back to you shortly! Or contact us on twitter @patheleven or skype by calling us at patheleven

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